Civil Care Sweden AB started in 2012 and since then has provided individualized care and care according to the customer's needs and wishes. Civil Care's aim is to offer customers holistic solutions to make everyday life easier.

Today, we offer home care and a wide range of Rut services. This, together with the Astridgården shelter, enables you to live at home longer in a flexible way. 

Our motto is to be "Nalta Eljest", which means adding a golden edge to everyday life. Among other things, we organize various activities and parties, with the aim of maintaining social contacts and adding a golden edge to everyday life!



Home service

  • Home care for all ages and needs
  • In several languages
  • Mental illness
  • High continuity
  • Home care throughout Umeå Municipality
  • The home service as "je nalta Eljest"

Route services

  • Do you want to have more time for other things?
  • Or maybe have someone accompany you to entertainment or to care?
  • Route services at a favorable price

Security accommodation

  • Astridgården
  • Community
  • Security
  • Opportunity to get an additional golden edge in your everyday life