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What you need to do is divided here into 3 different steps:

  1. Apply/Contact the municipality's welfare officer who investigates your need for home care. You can apply for support via the web, telephone or mail, below you will find the contact methods you need.The receiving unit
    090-16 10 02

    Telephone hours
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 08:30–11:30, 13:00–16:00
    Thursday, at 08.30–09.30, 13.00–16.00.

    visiting address
    Kungsgatan 71–73, 903 02 Umeå

    Visiting hours
    Monday–Friday, 8.30–11.30 a.m., 1.00–4.00 p.m.

    Postal address

    Box 3045, 903 02 Umeå

    For applications by post, you can download and print the form here:

    If you want to apply online, you can do this: Note – requires Bank ID

    If links do not work, it may be because Umeå Municipality has changed its link details, please contact us so that we can update the links.

    Would you need help with the application? No problem!

    Contact us and we will help you.

  2. When you are granted home care, it is good to know that the Freedom of Choice Act (LOV) is applied in Umeå Municipality. Which means that you choose which home care provider you want. Contact us if you want to know about Civil Care, before your choice.
  1. If you choose us, we will be assigned via the municipality's aid officer and we will contact you for a meeting. Together with you and any relatives, we plan how your help will be carried out!

Now you have home care, together we make your everyday life easier!

If you or a relative should be in need of urgent help due to an unsustainable home situation or help with crisis management, contact us according to the contact routes below.

The receiving unit
weekdays 8-16 (closed for lunch 12-13)

090-16 10 02

Social care, other times

090-16 30 50

Important phone numbers

Write it down, keep it at home and in your wallet:

112 – SOS alarm, emergency number in case of danger to life, property and the environment

113 13 – SOS alarm, get and give information in case of accidents and crises

114 14 – Police, in the event of an incident that is not an emergency

1177 – Healthcare, advice

Are you not getting the help you feel you need? Can our range of Rut services be a short-term solution?

In home care, the term "input" often appears, which briefly describes what the customer needs help with. To increase understanding and knowledge of what home care can include, here are some examples of efforts that you can get help with:

Service efforts:

  • Purchase & pick up pharmacy goods, Cleaning & window cleaning, Laundry and clothing care, help with dishes, bringing in mail, light cleaning and the like. 
  • Carpet decoration

Care interventions

  • Shower, Help with support stockings, Personal hygiene, Dressing & undressing, Help with toilet visits, Transfers
  • Meal support - social support during meals 
  • Outdoor stay/ walk
  • Supervision - physically, via camera or phone call.
  • Social togetherness
  • Support with everyday structure
  • Included
  • Replacement of relative

Help to implement training programs or the like.

For starters, it's the same cost, regardless of which home care provider you choose. It is Umeå Municipality that invoices you as a home care customer, based on your need for help and ability to pay.


The costs for home care are divided into 3 different levels depending on your individual need for help.


Level 1: SEK 428 per month

Level 2: SEK 1,283 per month

Level 3: SEK 2,139 per month


At the highest level, cleaning, security alarm, escort, telephone service and health and medical care in the home are also included. Which is otherwise not included in the home care tariff.


Separate costs for Level 1 and 2 are:


Fee for cleaning

Cleaning once per month, SEK 449 per month

Cleaning every 3 weeks, SEK 663 per month

Cleaning every two weeks, SEK 877 per month

You can replace the cleaning time with window cleaning, defrosting the fridge and freezer and cleaning the oven.


Health care in the home

Enrolled in home healthcare, SEK 428 per month. Included in maximum fare.

Single visit, SEK 200. Not included in maximum fare.


Other fees

Security alarm, SEK 278 per month

Telephone service, SEK 107 per month

To understand how your fee is calculated, there are a few things you need to understand

  • Minimum amount - An amount that is required by law to be retained after rent and any home service fee to cover personal expenses, for example: food, clothing, leisure, furniture, newspaper, TV, household electricity, home insurance, medical care, dental care, medicine and travel
  • Reservation amount - An amount made up of your minimum amount + your rent
  • Fee space for home care = Income – reserve amount

Your actual fee for home care may be lower depending on your ability to pay. When the fee is calculated, it is taken into account that you must keep: the reserve amount, i.e. the minimum amount + money for the rent.

If your income is lower than the reserve amount, you pay no fee.

Current minimum amounts for home care

For those who are 65 or older

  • Single persons SEK 5,373 per month.
  • Living together SEK 4,540 per month.

For you who are younger than 65 years

  • Single persons SEK 5,911 per month.
  • Living together SEK 4,994 per month.

See examples of how the fee is calculated 

Example 1, Single person

Pension/income after tax, SEK 7,400. Housing allowance, SEK 3,640 = total income, SEK 11,040.

The minimum amount for single persons is SEK 5,373. Rent, SEK 4,300.

This gives the reservation amount SEK 9,673.

The income is then SEK 1,367 higher than the reservation amount per month (income SEK 11,040 minus reservation amount SEK 9,673 = SEK 1,367). The fee that can be paid per month is SEK 1,367.

If the income is lower than the reserve amount, no fee can be paid.

Example 2, cohabiting spouses

For cohabiting spouses who both have domestic help, the incomes are added together and divided by two. If two spouses have an income of SEK 12,700 and SEK 6,650 respectively after tax, they have a total income of SEK 19,350. The income is divided by two and becomes SEK 9,675. The minimum amount for spouses living together is SEK 4,540. Together with a rent of SEK 2,700 (divided by two), the reservation amount is SEK 7,240 per person.

The income for both spouses is then SEK 2,435 higher than the reservation amount per month

(income SEK 9,675 minus reservation amount SEK 7,240 = SEK 2,435).

Both spouses can pay a maximum fee for home care of SEK 2,139 per month, if the need for home care exists.

If the income is lower than the reserve amount, no fee can be paid.

You can be granted a higher reserve amount for additional costs, for example if you are granted food delivery or eat in the elderly care's restaurants, because you have an obligation to provide for minor children or because you pay a fee for a good man/trustee.

If you want to know if you can have your fee reduced, you must submit a so-called fee basis to the fee unit, which then calculates and makes a decision how big the fee actually will be. See the application for a lower fee further down the page.

Here you can read more about whether you are eligible for reduced-price home care:

Form - Application for reduced home care fee (requires Bank ID):

In the case of cleaning help, it can in many cases be more affordable to buy that service via Rut deduction instead of within a home care decision. We try to help our customers find these opportunities, we want everyone to get the most out of their money!

If you want to read more about costs, here is a link to the municipality's website:

In connection with the fact that you applied for and were granted home care, you received a personal assistance officer. If your needs change or if you want to change something, you as a customer have the opportunity to choose for yourself whether you want to contact us or the assistance officer. If you choose to go through us, you don't have to adapt to the assistance's telephone hours, and we can help you review your assistance and convey your wishes to the assistance officer. Regardless, an aid officer will contact you to get you to approve the change to the decision.

When we as home care providers discover a changed need, we have an obligation to contact assistance, for example, it could be that the need for help in a specific task has ceased or that the need for help has increased. After that, it is assistance that investigates whether your home care decision should be adjusted or not, and of course in consultation with you, its customer.

Thinking about your decision? Contact your group leader here.

Social services and the Health and Medical Service are subject to a duty of confidentiality based on the regulations of the National Board of Health and Welfare. We only give out information based on the customer's wishes, all customers fill in a consent for contact with next of kin and who they want us to contact.

If a customer suddenly becomes/is acutely ill or injured during a visit and needs to seek care with the help of an ambulance, we will stay with the customer until the ambulance is on site. If there are relatives who are approved for contact, we call them and inform them of the situation and ask if they have the opportunity to meet at the hospital. If the customer wants, we do an inspection of the home, for example: check that windows are closed, candles blown out, take out garbage, etc. before we then lock the door when we leave.

Good to know:

  • These types of events are what cause home care providers to sometimes arrive later than planned. It is our routine to always contact customers who are affected by delays of more than 30 minutes.
  • We always start first aid while waiting for an ambulance, unless there is a previous decision anchored between the care recipient/relative/care/care about, for example, 0-hlr.

In the event of a hospital stay, your home care will be paused as soon as we become aware of it, we are responsible for notifying the Municipality of this. It is also possible to pause the home service for shorter or longer periods, either by contacting your home service provider or your welfare officer.

You contact your welfare officer and inform them that you want to change home care provider and to which one. Any reasons do not need to be stated. The change usually takes place after 14 days, it can happen earlier if your current, future home care together with you and the welfare officer agree on it.