To see when one's relative can no longer cope with everyday life as before is often difficult and the stress increases to be helpful to them. We at Civil Care want you to continue to have contact with your relatives as early as possible and based on quality time together.

We help you with the care and concern part so that your relative's everyday life will reflect. We usually say that 70% of the home care is to facilitate and help the home care recipient, while 30% aims to facilitate and help relatives.

Familiarizing yourself with and understanding how home care works and how you proceed in the beginning can often be experienced as a jungle. For us at Civil Care, it is important that you should be able to get help, support and guidance in home care matters. Contact us today, and we will answer your questions about home care and Civil Care and help you in the process around home care.

We want you as a relative to know that all questions are welcome and that you should feel safe with Civil Care as a home care provider for your relative. We want to be able to develop together with our customers and relatives. It is therefore important that we hear your views about us!

You get the support you need from us

You are always welcome with us at Civil Care!