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We build our own future. If there's one thing I know, it's that we're not getting younger and younger. The care we lay the foundation for today is also what my parents and I will use in the future, hopefully my children too. I want one day to be able to proudly look at the staff's back, when they tuck me into bed, to see the name Civil Care.

Peter Andersson


The background to the existence of Civil Care is conversations with many people who had home care between 2010-2011. Based on these conversations, it emerged that there were structural problems in care within Umeå municipality. Many had to meet a lot of staff, felt alone and disempowered. They felt that they did not get the right help, appointments were not kept and no one contacted them in the event of changes. A big problem was also that the customer and staff often spoke different languages.

It was and is the driving force behind Civil Care, we want to change care and be a role model in the industry. With the best employees, innovation, teamwork and pride. Civil Care delivers individually tailored care, with care and respect for the individual and thereby creates a meaningful life and a better everyday life!

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