Covid -19 and the Vaccination situation

We are now in June 2021 and Covid-19 is still a challenge for the individual who provides the care and treatment. We have all had to make major restrictions on the ways we live and move in society.

We continue to work in Civil Care according to the guidelines set by the National Board of Health, Region Västerbotten and care hygiene. We hope that in the near future we can start dismantling some of the restriction measures that have been in place within both the Umeå and Hörnefors units since the start of this pandemic. But in order for us to get there, together we still have to persevere and keep our distance for a while longer.

On the vaccination front, things look good with our customers, we can happily inform you that all our elderly who wanted to be vaccinated are fully vaccinated. With our regular colleagues, the vaccination situation looks good there as well, where the majority will now be fully vaccinated in June. Vaccination is also in full swing with our temporary workers who work this summer.

We continue to follow developments in our immediate area and are in close contact with Region Västerbotten regarding the guidelines that now exist regarding the screening of colleagues and protective equipment.       

Hang in there and keep your distance, together we can get through this!